Popular wisdom says we should be doing more in less time. There are countless blogs and books about how you can be more productive and accomplish more in a given amount of time. It makes sense. We have a finite amount of time on this earth so obviously you want to make this most of it. However, since I’ve recently gotten rid of my car and moved to Ottawa I’m now dependent on public transportation.

A trip which would have taken nine minutes by car now takes 43 minutes by bus. That’s 34 minutes of my time now lost. Conventional wisdom says this is a bad thing. But in reality, it doesn’t quite feel that way.

I feel less rushed.

My days feel longer and time moves slower.

It makes me think about life a few centuries ago, when it was quite common for people to be stuck in one place waiting for a season to pass, i.e. for the rivers and lakes to thaw so that one could travel by canoe to reach a destination. Also, taking into account shorter life spans, you would think this must have drove people mad.

But maybe time just moved slower.