Work Experience

Vianet Senior Network Specialist, 2003 to Present

  • Administer Metaswitch class 4/5 softswitch and Perimeta SBC.

  • Developed troubleshooting tool which captures, analyzes, and stores SIP packets. Created web based front end for tech support to search call traces and diagnose customer issues.

  • Prevent, detect, and investigate SIP based DDoS attacks and toll fraud. Performed forensics on log files to determine point of entry.

  • Developed fax-to-email solution allowing customers to send and receive faxes over email and web based client.

  • Analyzed Asterisk, and OpenSER (VoIP) C/C++ source code and used GDB debugger, to troubleshoot performance and memory related issues on production systems.

  • Developed software for integration of softswitch billing records into corporate billing system.

  • Developed software to automate creation and deployment of translation tables on phone switch.

  • Created Java based application to monitor phone queues on corporate PBX and send alerts to staff through corporate jabber (XMPP) server.

  • Collaborate with employees of other carriers to troubleshoot and deploy new services.

  • Led small team of technicians and mentored junior programmers.

Programming Languages

I have used the following languages at some point or another:

  • Ruby
  • C/C++
  • Go
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Perl


Thunder Bay & Area Victim Services, Direct Service Support, 2007 to 2014

  • Provided immediate support to victims of crime or tragedy. On call for 12 hour shifts. Worked closely with municipal police force.

Youth Leader, Lifecentre Church, 2014 to Present

  • Small group leader for Grade 7 & 8 boys Sunday mornings.
  • Teach large group junior high messages on Sunday mornings.
  • Help plan services and events.
  • Run sound & lights for Friday evening youth service.
  • Developed a check-in system using Ruby on Rails to monitor youth attendance.
  • Developed large group games using Electron, such as a random student picker.

November Novel Writing Month Completed Novels

2013: Grounded Pilot A novel about a college student who’s failing his flight program and gets dumped by his girlfriend.

2012: Red Mineral A dystopian novel about a group of teenagers who save the world by using their engineering skills.